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Detail-Oriented Cleaning Services for Your Property

Are you looking for reliable property cleaning services in Farrell, PA? Rely on our local, family-owned and operated business. At First General Services Of Western PA, we use advanced cleaning techniques such as Fireline, Odell and Esporta.

With state-of-the-art technology and various types of cleaning techniques, you can always count on our certified technicians to give you guaranteed results. Our leading restoration company has been serving the community since 1984. Call us for a FREE QUOTE!

Fireline Systems Series II

The perfect combination of the proper cleaning agent with the correct ultrasonic frequencies and power ratios can resolve any type of cleaning problems you may have. The high-frequency sound waves produced are capable of removing the toughest stains.

Ultrasonic cleaning has gained much popularity as it doesn't contain unsafe solvents and other volatile chemicals. What's more? It also promotes the green technology.

The Fireline ultrasonic system consists of a prerinse station, a cyclonic prewasher, an ultrasonic processor, a rinse detail station and a parts basket dryer.
  • Industrial and automotive solutions
  • Industrial cleaning and automotive parts cleaners
  • Fire and smoke contents restoration
  • Ultrasonic contents restoration systems
  • Window blind cleaning solutions
  • Ultrasonic blind cleaning systems
  • Golf club cleaning solutions
  • Ultrasonic golf club head and grip cleaners
Carpet Cleaning

Odell Cleaning and Drying System

Odell cleaning and drying system is specifically designed to clean your equipment safely and effectively. It uses moderate pressure, aqueous spray cleaning and controlled drying systems to ensure a thorough cleaning process. Odell equipment was used by the US Navy, RCA and the NASA.

Esporta Green Cleaning Technology System

Esporta green cleaning technology system is precisely designed to clean your sporting equipment. Sporting equipment is a breeding ground for germs that can lead to staph infections, skin irritations and various fungal infections.

Our Esporta cleaning equipment is widely appreciated by various universities, high schools, sporting teams and individual families. With the combination of hydraulic pressure and a specific blend of detergents, Esporta cleaning equipment will disinfect soft contents, personal protective gear and all types of sports equipment.

Thorough Cleaning Services for Your Home and Business

Brighten the look of your dingy commercial or residential building by hiring the professionals at First General Services Of Western PA. Get detail-oriented cleaning services. We use industrial strength machines and cleaning agents to deliver long-lasting results.
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Window cleaning
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